9th ENERGY FORUM (2015)

9th ENERGY FORUM (2015), 22-24 January 2015, Karpacz, Poland

The Forum is intended to serve as a discussion platform for politicians, business executives and experts. Approx. 600 participants from Poland and abroad are expected to attend it
Participants from the energy sector: business people, leading experts and key politicians from Poland and other EU countries, Ukraine, Russia and Central Asia and USA


3 thematic paths, each composed of panel discussions, reports, presentations, lectures, key-note addresses:

I. Exploration / Transport / Processing of Hydrocarbons
1.    Together or Alone? Towards Energy Security in Europe
2.    Shale gas – a Chance or an Illusion?
3.    Challenges for the European Gas Market
4.    Gas Corridors in Europe – Alternative Connections
5.    The Role of the European Companies in the Modernisation and Handling Gas Transport from Ukraine
6.    Energy as a Factor of Integration
II. Electricity Production and Distribution/Energy Investment
1.    International Financial Institutions and their Role in the Energy Projects in CEE
2.    The Energy Charter Treaty – an Instrument to Promote and Protect Foreign Direct Investments
3.    Rule of Law in the International Energy Policy – the Role and Importance of International Treaties and Agreements
4.    Perfect Balance – In Search of an Optimal Energy Mix
5.    Nuclear Energy in Europe – How Much Politics, How Much Economy?
6.    Competitiveness on the Electricity Market
III. Renewables/Climate Policy/Environmental Protection
1.    EU Climate Package 2030 and its Impact on the European Industry
2.    Low Emissions Policy – at What Price?
3.    Smart cities – Investment for the Future Generations
4.    Innovations in Renewables – Investment Cost versus Future Profits
5.    Wind Farms in Central and Eastern Europe
6.    Clean Coal Technologies – Prospects for Development


Conference center: Hotel Gołębiewski****, Conference Center
Address: Karkonoska street 14, 58-540 Karpacz

9th ENERGY FORUM (2015)