2015 gas prices to remain on a similar level

Gas prices down, distribution fees slightly up – Energy Regulatory Office (URE) Chairman has approved the tariffs for key gas sector companies. Gas bills of households will not change in 2015.

On 17 December 2014 URE Chairman finally approved the tariffs set by the key gas sector companies, i.e.: Polish Oil and Gas Company (PGNiG), Polish Oil and Gas Company Retail Trading (PGNiG OD), Transmission Gas Pipeline Operator GAZ - SYSTEM (OGP), SGT EuRoPol Gaz (EuRoPol) and Polish Gas Company (PSG).

Gas bills paid by household customers will not change following the approval of the new tariffs.

Average gas prices charged to PGNiG OD customers in 2015 will be lower than in 2014 by:

  • 1.8% for high-methane gas,
  • 0.8% for Lw nitrogen-rich gas,
  • 1% for Ls nitrogen-rich gas.

In case of PGNiG customers who purchase the gas for subsequent reselling to final customers and for final customers who consume more than 25 Mcm of gas per year, average gas prices will be lower by:

  • 4% for high-methane gas,
  • 1.4% for nitrogen-rich gas.

Rates charged by transmission companies will increase by:

  • approx. 1.5% for EuRoPol Gaz customers,
  • 6.4 % for GAZ-SYSTEM customers, and
  • 3% for high-methane gas; 2.3% for Ls nitrogen-rich gas and 2.9% for Lw nitrogen-rich gas in case of PDG customers.

The latter two transmission companies motivate the higher rates by the necessity to ensure energy security and funds for gas grid upgrades/expansion.

The decisions on tariff approval are published in URE Industry Bulletins – Gas Fuels of 17 December 2014. They are available at URE Public Information Bulletin.


source: URE


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