Ministry of the Economy: gas consumption will rise in Poland

Economy Ministry's projections indicate that natural gas consumption will be on the rise in 2015 and subsequent years, informs "Rzeczpospolita" daily.

According to data reported by “Rzeczpospolita”, Poland's gas consumption is expected to reach the level of 15.4 Bcm. In 2014, the consumption was equal to 15 Bcm. By 2020 Poland is to consume in total 17.1 Bcm and 19 Bcm by 2025. In 2030 Poland is expected to consume as much as 20 Bcm, according to Economy Ministry's projections.

"Rzeczpospolita" notes that the plans to build new gas-fired heat and power plants is a major factor behind that growth. Gas-fired units are already being developed in Gorzow Wielkopolski, Stalowa Wola, Włocławek and other locations, whilst more of them are planned in Będzin, Płock and Warsaw – the daily reminded. These projects will generate additional demand for gas in the order of 2 Bcm per year, Rzeczpospolita wrote.

Moreover according to Rzeczpospolita, the demand for gas is stimulated by the growing economy and an increasing gas penetration across Poland. Central Statistical Office data indicate that Poland's gas pipelines were 139 797 km long in 2013. In the past ten years the network has grown by 20 346 km. Also the number of gas users has been growing and reached 20.158 million individuals in 2013 (368 thousands more comparing with 2030).


sources: Ministerstwo Gospodarki, Rzeczpospolita/CIRE

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