Educational activities are part of National Geological Surveys' shale oil and gas awareness project. This EDUCATION section is primarily intended to provide school students and teachers with difficult professional knowledge in an accessible way.

Educational activities are basically region-oriented. They are targeted at children and teenagers from North Poland (Kujawy-Pomeranian, Pomeranian, Warmia-Mazury Provinces) and the Lublin Region (Lublin Province).  i.e. from the most prospective areas in terms of shale gas resources with ongoing shale gas exploration projects.
Staff members of Polish Geological Institute – National Research Institute, students of geology and related sciences are involved in the process of school student's education.
The educational activities include workshops for teachers to prepare them for delivery of classes on the hydrocarbons – their origin, occurrence, environmental and technological aspects of exploration of exploration and production.

Educational activities are delivered with the following tasks:

  • Development of lesson scenarios and materials for their delivery
  • Recruitment and training of trainers who are to conduct meetings with children, students and teachers
  • Development of teaching aids for the teachers on shale oil and gas, on different education levels (primary, secondary and tertiary)
  • Didactic meetings in schools with children, students and teachers from selected prospective shale oil and gas production regions
  • Launching quiz contests on shale oil and gas, targeted at high school and university students and awareness portal guests
  • Lectures and seminars for students of geology and related sciences
  • Development and implementation of a programme of support to above-average students who prepare a thesis on various aspects of unconventional hydrocarbons


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