PGNiG drilled 10 wells in the first quarter of 2015, but none of them was for shale gas exploration

Polish Oil and Gas Joint Stock Company drilled 10 wells, including six exploratory and four infill wells, in the first quarter of 2015. The wells are located in concessions held by the Company in Wielkopolska (Central Poland) and the Carpathian Foothills. None of these wells was drilled under a shale gas exploration or appraisal project.

Six exploration/appraisal wells are successful, i.e. commercial oil or gas reservoirs have been discovered. Total recoverable resources discovered with these wells are estimated at 3.5 Bcm of gas (22.6 million boe). It will take about two years to start production from these wells.

Moreover, the Company drilled out four infill wells to enhance gas recovery factor and, by the same, profitability of production.

Two infill wells - Sowia Góra-11k and Lubiatów-13k – will add about 100 thousand tonnes (730 kboe per year) to the total oil production capacity. The wells are located in one of Poland's largest oilfield - Lubiatów-Międzychód-Grotów (LMG) in the Wielkopolska Province. The LMG oilfield was discovered in January 2003 with Lubiatów-1 well. Oil production started in January 2012.

Two more infill wells  - Paproć-61 and Paproć-62 – are located in the Paproć natural gas field in the Wielkopolska Province. They will increase natural gas production capacity by approx.  50 Mcm per year (300 kboe per year). Both wells are intended to develop a part of the reservoir that has been underexploited so far, so as to maintain the existing level of production over a longer period of time. The Paproć gas field was discovered with Cicha Góra-1 well in 1979 and production started in September 1985.

The exploration/appraisal wells drilled in the first quarter of 2015 will enable us to add 22.6 mboe to our reserves, while infill wells will produce 0.73 mboe of oil and 0.3 mboe of gas per year. The company intensifies production from our own reservoirs and accelerates the development of already appraised fields. It should be emphasized that domestically produced gas accounts for approx. 30% of the total gas consumption in Poland” – said Mr. Zbigniew Skrzypkiewicz, Vice-president for Exploration and Production at PGNiG SA.

Moreover, special jobs have been performed in tight gas wells that were drilled out in the past years (Kramarzówka-2, Dukla-1 wells). Further operations at these wells will depend on administrative decisions.

PGNiG operations in tight gas accumulations are a pillar of exploration and production activities of the upstream sector that is meant to maintain the domestic production portfolio by investigating  new geological structures” – said Mr. Zbigniew Skrzypkiewicz.

In the first quarter of 2015 PGNiG also discovered a gas field in Pakistan which is estimated at 4.5 Bcm of tight gas.

Production of crude oil and condensate from domestic and foreign reservoirs will increase to approx. 1.27 million tonnes (from approx. 1.21 million tonnes in 2014), while gas production will amount to approx. 4.5 Bcm in 2015.


source: PGNiG SA Press Office

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