Algeria: a pilot shale gas exploration well

As announces news service, a pilot shale gas well has been successfully drilled in Algeria.

State-owned corporation Sonatrach drilled the well in the Ahnet In Salah Region (central Algeria). The well is 1800 m deep with a 2000 m-long horizontal leg. According to initial estimates, the Ahnet In Salah Basin may hold more than 200 Bcm of gas.

The Sonatrach Group is planning to drill several exploratory wells in the Ahnet Basin, south of In Salah nera the town of Illizi. Algerian Council of Ministers authorized the corporation to deliver a drilling programme in the next 7 – 13 years. Participation of foreign partners in the project was also approved.

The first experimental shale gas Sonatrach drilled in 2012 enabled initial estimates of unconventional gas resources of the Ahnet Basin.

In addition to the Ahnet Basin, Algeria holds six other shale gas basins: Mouydir, Berkin - Ghadames, Timimoun, Reggane and Tindoufu. Initial estimates of technically recoverable resources are contained in a report prepared by the U.S. Department of Energy jointly with U.S. "Advanced Resources International" and oil&gas companies.

Sonatrach plans to invest USD 102 billion in shale gas and oil exploration by 2018.



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