India – Poland Energy Summit and the 5th Asian Mining Congress

India – Poland Energy Summit was held in New Delhi (India) from 12 to 16 February 2014. Hubert Kiersnowski of Polish Geological Institute – NRI attended the Summit. The second part of the event was held in Calcutta as part of the 5th Asian Mining Congress and Exhibition.

Mr. Hubert Kiersnowski spoke about the achievements of Polish Geological Institute in the area of shale gas exploration and made presentation titled ”Polish Geological Institute, Polish Geological Survey areas of activities and proposals for cooperation”. Moreover, he met the representatives of East India Geological Survey in Calcutta at a meeting organised with the support of Economic Department of Polish Embassy in Delhi. Potential cooperation with East India Geological Survey in unconventional oil and gas exploration, including assessment of resources, was discussed at the meeting.

Poland has a long history of cooperation with India in the area of exploration and production of energy resources, hard coal in particular. Today, India (like Poland) has started exploration and proving of unconventional oil and gas resources. The first shale gas exploration well was drilled out in 2013. Potential unconventional gas resources in the Darmodar Valley Basin are associated with coalbed methane accumulations.

author: Maja Kowalska


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