International Petroleum Fair in Denver

More than 300 exhibitors (including the Polish Geological Institute - PGI) appeared at the annual conference and exhibition of the Amercian Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG) in Denver (U.S.A.).

Leading U.S. universities, scientific research institutions and petroleum companies showcased their achievements at the exhibition opened on 31 May 2015. The stand of Polish Geological Institute and the Ministry of the Environment was located in the international pavilion.

From day one the Polish stand has attracted the attention of experts, scientists and representatives of international petroleum companies. Our experts presented the achievements in exploration of oil and gas, including unconventional hydrocarbons: shale gas and oil, tight gas and coalbed methane. Ministry representatives provided information on the regulatory aspects and Polish licensing policy.

Our stand was popular not only among those interested in oil and gas exploration in Poland. Geology mixes with sentiments – a number of participants and visitors are the descendants of Polish migrants from the most remote parts of the world. They don't hide their emotions when visiting our stand.

PGI-NRI has for years attended the annual exhibition in the United States. The meeting with geologists from all continents is an opportunity for sharing scientific views, experiences, for showcasing the achievements and, above all, the potential of Poland and of Polish science.

This year Poland was represented at the stand by  Hubert Kiersnowski, Marcin Janas and Ireneusz Dyrka – on behalf of the Institute, and by Marta Wągrodzka and Jan Kacper Markiewicz – of the Ministry of the Environment.

Moreover, Prof. Marek Jarosiński and Prof. Tadeusz Peryt of Polish Geological Institute took part in the Conference.


Author: Andrzej Rudnicki

Photo: Ireneusz Dyrka

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