Oil and gas concessions – Environment Ministry's report for the European Commission

The Ministry of the Environment delivered to the European Commission its annual report on the awarded and active oil and gas concessions.

Pursuant to Directive 94/22/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 30 May 1994 on the conditions for granting and using authorisations for prospection, exploration and production of hydrocarbons, Member States are obliged to submit annual reports that contain the following:

  • geographic areas made available for prospection, exploration and production of hydrocarbons,
  • authorisations granted,
  • authorisation holders,
  • estimated resources/reserves in a particular area.

The reports should be made for all hydrocarbon concessions, including those for shale gas exploration.

In March 2015 the Ministry of the Environment submitted to the EC its next annual Report. According to the Report, 6 concessions for oil and gas production and 12 oil and gas prospection and exploration concessions were awarded in 2014.

As of 31 December 2014, there were 140 active concessions for prospection and exploration of gas, oil, its natural derivatives and coalbed methane. The concessions were held by 28 businesses. PGNiG is by far the leader in exploration with 77 concessions (including 11 shale gas exploration concessions) held, followed by Orlen Upstream Sp. z o.o. with 9 of them.
There were 234 concessions for production of crude oil and natural gas, all of them from conventional reservoirs. They were granted to 6 businesses.Again, PGNiG is the leader with 227 concessions held.

Six concessions for prospection and exploration of coalbed methane, granted to 4 businesses, were active in 2014. Two coalbed methane production concessions are held by 2 businesses.

Poland's  oil and gas reserves are stated in the Report. As of 31 December 2013 there were 287 proven natural gas reservoirs with total recoverable reserves of 132.074 Bcm.

There are 85 proven oil and condensate reservoirs holding recoverable reserves of  24.377 million tonnes. Coalbed methane occurs in 53 proven deposits and its total recoverable reserves are equal to 85.432 Bcm.



source: Misnisterstwo Środowiska

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