Polish Geological Institute is to conduct an interdisciplinary research project on stimulation of shale gas production from Pomeranian formations

We are pleased to inform that Polish Geological Institute – NRI is launching the ShaleMech Project (“Integrated Geomechanical Research Project for the Stimulation of Shale Gas Production in Pomerania”. It is still time to join the project, as potential contractors are now being recruited.

The Project was proposed by Polish Oil and Gas Company (PGNiG) with a consortium of scientific research partners coordinated by Polish Geological Institute – NRI and represented by the Faculty of Geology, Warsaw University and the Institute of Geophysics, Polish Academy of Sciences. The Project is to be funded by National Research and Development Centre under the BlueGas – Polish Shale Gas Programme.

A thorough investigation of shale geomechanics so as to stimulate the flow of gas to the borehole and minimize the horizontal drilling risks will be the key objective of the Project. A wide array of methods – from laboratory petrographic and mechanical tests, core profiles, well log interpretation, fracturing procedures and micro-seismic monitoring to seismic data processing – will be applied.

Numerical modelling of elastic wave, stress and deformation propagation, as well as of related flows, will be the key method for integrating the results of the tests.

Project outputs in the form of software and procedures will be used to optimise the orientation of stable horizontal wells and delivery of hydraulic fracture stimulation jobs, as well as to assess their effectiveness.

For more details go to shalemech.pgi.gov.pl


author: Marek Jarosiński

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