The USA are still the world leader in production of hydrocarbons

The United States strengthened in 2014 its leading position among crude oil and natural gas producing countries worldwide, informs based on Energy Information Agency's (EIA) data. In 2012 the United States topped Russia as world's largest producer of hydrocarbons (a total of crude oil, gas condensate, other liquid hydrocarbons and natural gas), and since then they maintained their leading position.

As announced, in 2014 the United States strengthened again their advantage over other crude and gas producer countries. According to EIA, the USA produced over 27 million barrel equivalent per day (boed), including 14.5 million boed of oil. In the same period of time, Russia produced approx. 21.5 million boed, including 11 boed of oil, and Saudi Arabia 14 million boed, including 12 million of oil.

As noted, despite the fall of oil price by 50% since June 2014, oil production increased by roughly 1.6 barrels per day in that year. Since 2008, the US gas output has increased by approx. 2.7 million boed. For comparison, Russia's production increased by approx. 1.6 million boed and Saudi Arabia's by approx. 2.1 million boed, but has remained on the same level in the past two years, while in Russia it was slightly lower – noted.

According to EIA experts, the success of the so-called shale revolution is incontestably behind the growing production of hydrocarbons in the USA – announced.



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