World news – weekly shale update, 18 - 24 August 2014

Selected international news from shale gas exploration and production industry


Indian capital group Reliance Industries Ltd is to invest USD 2 billion in three or more US shale gas fields, located primarily in the Marcellus Formation (Pennsylvania). Indian companies have produced shale gas in the USA since 2010 – in the first half of 2014 they were producing 15 Mcm of shale gas per day.


In an attempt to join shale players Iran plans to launch shale oil and gas exploration in the Lorestan Province (west Iran). German and Chinese companies were invited to join the project.


California Senate rejected a bill that would prohibit hydraulic fracturing-based oil and gas production. Existing and potential economic benefits from oil and gas production operations outweighed the environmental concerns. According to estimates, upstream industry generates 95,000 direct and 250,000 indirect jobs in California. Once new petroleum plays developed, the number of direct jobs may rise to 195,000.

United Kingdom

Results of surveys made in the UK indicate that hydraulic fracturing technology would be safe in Britain – said Peter Styles of Keele University, a shale oil and gas expert on behalf of European Commission. More than 200 fracturing operations have been performed in the UK since the 1960's, mainly to stimulate conventional reservoirs.


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