Geoinfonet System

Polish Geological Survey is developing a new information System – Geoinfonet that will enable access to information about geological documents and work programmes, as well as on mining areas and concessions for exploration and extraction of mineables.

The amended Geological and Mining Law, as adopted in 2014, is primarily intended to streamline administrative licensing procedures, as well as to facilitate and widen access to geological information.

Information system coded Geoinfonet is a tool designed to facilitate gathering, access and processing of information. The obligation to develop that system is specified in Chapter 3 of Geological and Mining Law. The task to develop and implement the system was conferred to Polish Geological Survey of which responsibilities are performed by Polish Geological Institute – National Research Institute.

According to the amended Law, Geoinfonet system will contain information on:

  • geological data and samples, including sample test results,
  • delivered geological documentations,
  • the concession awarded for exploration or appraisal of mineables and on concessions for exploration and appraisal of hydrocarbons, project approval decisions, concessions for extraction of mineables, as well as on the approved or delivered geological work programmes,
  • mining areas and mining site,
  • parameters of oil and gas production from reservoirs.

Geoinfonet is to be an ICT system supported by the Electronic Platform for Public Administration Services.

In particular, the system is intended to enable the following:

  • support to the performance of Polish Geological Survey and geological administration authorities by providing them with e-services,
  • improvements in the process of gathering, processing, archiving and providing access to geological information,
  • a better delivery of government's tasks in the area of geology by providing online access to standardised uniform data that are collected on an ongoing basis,
  • a better supervision over the performance of concession or decision holders,
  • compliance with obligation to deliver geological data from geological works on an ongoing basis using ICT.

In principle, Geoinfonet will be open to the public, but the access to certain services, such as geological sample test results and parameters of oil and gas production from the reservoir, will be dedicated solely to:

  • geological administration authorities and Polish Geological Survey – as required for performance of their statutory responsibilities,
  • the producers of mineables – with regard to information they deliver.

Access to dedicated services will require a unique ID of the ICT system user.

According to the amended Geological and Mining Law, the Geoinfonet system is to be operational with 27 August 2016.
In order to develop the Geoinfonet system, in June 2015 the Minister of the Environment appointed a project team with members representing the Ministry and Polish Geological Survey. Moreover, pursuant to legislative mandate under Geological and Mining Law, in June 2015 the Minister of the Environment has specified by way of regulation te scope, format and procedure of delivering geological work documentation on an ongoing basis.

Currently, the regulation on organisational and technical requirements for system operation (including the principles of granting user's ID) is being prepared for promulgation.

System will be developed according to the principles of the PGI-NRI Integrated IT System based on the SOA architecture.
Annual Geoinfonet maintenance cost is estimated at approx. PLN 3 million, including expenses on software updates, hardware maintenance and payroll costs. Detailed estimates are specified in the justification to the draft amendment of Geological and Mining Law.

Geoinfonet development and maintenance costs will be covered by National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management under a multi-year programme of support to geology and mining operations.

Intensive consultations with the representatives of companies and provincial/district level geological administration authorities are currently underway with a view in firming up the requirements of key users.


Authors: Maja Kowalska i Waldemar Grądzki

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