J.K. Bielecki: There are no shortcuts in shales and business alike

In an interview granted to Puls Biznesu, Jan Krzysztof Bielecki, former Prime Minister and Chairman of Economic Council for the Prime Minister, commented also on the reasons behind the existing shale gas exploration status. "As usual, the shales revealed that there are no shortcuts in business and economy alike" – said J.K. Bielecki.

Puls Biznesu asked the former prime minister to comment on the existing situation and government support to investors who plan to explore for shale gas. According to Bielecki, exploration companies should be supported by the government, whilst fiscal charges should be imposed at the stage of production concessions. "But we have treated them from the start as producers and wanted to impose taxes on them" - said J.K. Bielecki.

According to the former prime minister, geology more complex than in the USA and falling international oil prices are the reasons behind the withdrawal of investors.


source: Puls Biznesu

photo: kprm.pl


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