The "Mineral Deposits" Conference

Poland's energy self-sufficiency, the latest deposit testing and proving methods, legislative problems of geological activities, thermal water resources or tight gas potential – are just some of the issues discussed during the meeting.  

The fourth “Mineral Deposits – exploration, testing and proving” All-Poland Scientific Conference was held at Warsaw headquarters of Polish Geological Institute on 15-17 April 2015.

Conference opening ceremony – Ms. Magdalena Pańczyk, chairperson of the Conference Organizational Committee, welcomes the participants. The Conference is presided by (from left): Mr. Lesław Skrzypczyk – Director of National Hydrogeological Survey and Mr. Andrzej Przybycin – Director of National Geological Survey

The meeting was dominated by the most pressing resource problems of Poland. As these topics invariably attract the attention of specialists, the Conference gathered more than hundred twenty experts from several scientific research centres – academic establishments and research institutes, as well as representatives of government administration and of the industry.

Conference participants

This year, the Conference included as much as 9 sessions that covered a wide range of subjects – from legal grounds of geological and mining operations, through resource balancing, analysis of particular types of deposits, to geology in the art and history of mining.

Workshops on gathering, processing and accessing geological information at PGI-NRI preceded the Conference. The participants had an opportunity to acquaint themselves with the up-to-date scientific equipment owned and operated by the Institute.

Mr. Andrzej Przybycin, MSc Eng., Head of National Geological Survey, opened the plenary session of the Conference. He greeted the attendees and presented some of the achievements of the Institute in his opening address.

For the next two several tens of speakers presented the results of their research and studies. Each session was followed by a discussion and experience sharing. A number of proposals were made, including such subjects as the tapping of the potential of the deposits, approach to deposit testing and production, but also on the need to redefine some tenets of the geological and mining legislation.

For the third time Polish Geological Institute was the venue of the Conference. This year, Mr. Janusz Piechociński, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Economy, and Dr Sławomir Brodziński, Undersecretary of State at the Ministry of the Environment, assumed honorary patronage over the Conference.


Text: Andrzej Rudnicki

Photo: Marek Krzyżanowski

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