The stock of drilling rigs slightly down in the USA

Baker Hughes Oilfield Inc. has announced that the U.S. stock of oil and gas drilling rigs fell by 35 in the past week and now is equal to 1840 units.

In its weekly report Baker Hughes Oilfield Inc. announces that 1499 oil and 340 gas exploration drilling rigs are operated in the USA. One rig was classified as dual purpose. Year ago, 1757 drilling rigs were operated in the USA.

The number of drilling rigs peaked in 1981 at 4530 units and was the lowest in 1999 with 488 of them.

Poland can only dream of that number of rigs. Exalo Company, the largest drilling rig operator in Poland, currently holds 13 units capable of drilling deeper than 1500 m. Exalo owns and operates a total of 39 drilling/workover rigs.




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