Welcome to the shale oil and gas news service

As an organisation that has been for years in charge of Poland's Geological Survey, Polish Geological Institute - NRI has an extensive shale gas and oil expertise. It is a member of EuroGeoSurveys, an umbrella association of European geological survey organisations.

This unconventional oil and gas news service is a source of expert information on shale gas resources, exploration and production technology, as well as on environmental, social and economic aspects.

Articles on geological, environmental and technology aspects of shale gas and oil exploration, appraisal and production operations, the origin and location of unconventional resources are in the core of our news service. The topics include news from Poland and the entire world.

We have invited experts – lawyers, economists and politologists – to contribute in order to ensure that all aspects of oil and gas exploration and production are covered in a comprehensive manner. They joined us to monitor and comment on important events and developments, including the operations of both central and local government administration.

This news service is targeted at a wide audience. In order to help various groups access information, the texts posted are arranged by the level of difficulty. Technical terms, used if absolutely necessary, are explained in a dedicated Glossary.

This news service supports mobile devices.

The service is part of a project titled Support to shale oil and gas awareness and analytical/implementation activities for Poland's energy security and environmental protection, including public participation in the licensing process, as financed by the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management.

Please visit our news service on a regular basis and contribute by reporting topics that should be in-depth explained.

The Editorial Team

Our address: infolupki@pgi.gov.pl

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