"White Book of Mineable Resource Protection" is to be developed

A special interdepartmental working group is developing the “White Book of Mineable Resource Protection". The document will help to identify the deposits that should be considered as strategic ones. The factual and legal status of strategic resource protection and related international solutions will presented. The Book will contain an overview of available deposit protection options, as well as an assessment of their financial and social effects.

Several experts have argued that Poland needs a formal resource policy that should also address the licensing policy. Despite the lack of a single document to address comprehensively all resource policy aspects, legislative acts and strategy documents are already in place to regulate these issues. They include:

  • the Act of 6 July 2001 on the preservation of national status of Poland's strategic natural resources,
  • Energy Security and the Environment Strategy,
  • Economy Innovativeness and Effectiveness Strategy,
  • National Energy Policy until 2030,
  • Planning and Zoning Concept and National Security Strategy,
  • draft National Energy Policy until 2050.

A map of conflict areas (mining, strategic projects, agriculture and environmental protection, national defense and historic sites), which is now being drafted by PGI-NRI, will be a useful tool for resource planning. Chief Geologist of Poland Eng. Dr. Sławomir Brodziński took the initiative to draft the map.

The White Book of Mineable Resource Protection is being drafted by the Working Group on Mineable Deposits, part of the Team for Territorial Surveying, Spatial Order and National Municipal Policy which operates under the “Plan for the Activities Supporting the Impelemtation of National Growth Strategy to 2020”.


source: Ministerstwo Środowiska


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