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Acidizing, acid treatment search for term

A procedure for enhancing permeability of rocks in near-well zone by partly dissolving the undisturbed rock with acidizing fluid injected into the reservoir and increasing the size of pores and fractures in the rock.

source: Witold Górski "Wykonywanie zabiegów intensyfikacji wydobycia ropy naftowej". Instytut Technologii Eksploatacji – Państwowy Instytut Badawczy. Radom, 2007

Aggregation search for term

Geological process involving a gradual build-up of sediments along a vertical plane due to the deposition of subsequent layers.

Appraisal of deposits search for term

Delivery of geological works in initially explored mineable deposit, groundwater reservoir or an underground carbon storage complex.

source: Geological and Mining Law

Associated mineable search for term

A mineable that occurs within the perimeter of primary mineable extraction area or in its neighbourhood and is being mined. It may be mined alongside the primary mineable but is not suitable for individual extraction.

Autigenic components search for term

Key components of sedimentary rocks and of the matrix of clastic rocks that are formed during or after rock formation.