Hasła / Terms beginning with B

Barbotage search for term

A chemical procedure that involves injection of gas bubbles into a liquid so as to increase the contact area and speed up the process of mixing the two fractions together.

Benthos search for term

Organisms living on the bottom of water reservoirs, in the sediment (infauna), on the sediment or attached to other organisms living at the reservoir bottom (epifauna).

Bentonite cement search for term

Cement slurry used for cementing the wells. It contains from 2 to 15% of bentonite – a clayey rock that is formed by alteration of ash tuff's glass and has strong adsorption properties.

Biogenic (bacterial) gas search for term

Natural gas formed by bacterial decomposition of organic matter at shallow depths and low temperature.

Biomethane (biogas) search for term

Gas formed as a byproduct of anaerobic bacteria metabolism in the process of organic matter decomposition. Biogenic methane gas production phase starts with organic matter burial in an anoxic environment and ends as organic matter-enriched layer reaches a temperature of approx. 50ºC, for example following burial to the required depth.

Biostratigraphic correlation search for term

A scientific method that enables the determination of the geological age and position of rocks, geologic events and processes by comparing sets of fossils found in different geological profiles.

Bioturbations search for term

The reworking of sediments by benthic organisms living in the sediment (the so-called infauna).

Bit search for term

Drilling tool for rock breaking used in the drilling industry. The tool is coupled to the drill pipe and lowered into the borehole. Drilling ratios, including mechanical drilling rate, the rate of penetration and meters drilled per bit, are highly dependent on bit selection.

source: Szostak L., Chrząszcz W., Wiśniowski R. Narzędzia wiercące. Kraków, 1996

Bitumen search for term

Mineral substances of organic origin that occur in various sedimentary rocks; a mixture of primarily hydrocarbons.

Blasting agents search for term

Explosives as defined by the Act on Explosives Intended for Civilian Use, dated 21 June 2002 (Journal of Laws No. 117, Item 1007, as amended).

source: Geological and Mining Law

Borehole search for term

A cylindrical underground working made using drilling methods. Borehole depth is much higher than its diameter. The upper borehole section that is exposed on the ground surface is called borehole outlet. A completed borehole is called a well.

Borehole axis search for term

Geometric location of the borehole central points.

Borehole outlet search for term

The upper section of a borehole on the ground surface.

Borehole wall search for term

Side walls of a borehole extending from borehole outlet and borehole bottom.

Bottom of a layer search for term

Boundary of a layer which is the surface of contact with a layer of older rocks. In normal bed position, it is its upper boundary. As a result of tectonic disturbances the positions of layers may be reversed so that the older layer may be overlain by older strata. In that case, the upper boundary of the layer is the bottom plane.

Breakout search for term

A compressive failure of borehole walls.

Butane search for term

Saturated cyclic hydrocarbon with formula C4H10. Butane is a component of natural and coke gas, on liquefaction it is the main component of liquefied gas.