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Density log (DL) search for term

Measurement of gamma quanta dispersed in the rock enables an assessment of the average atomic number of the medium and, consequently, estimation of rock density and, for example, total porosity of the rock.

Deposit thickness search for term

The distance from top to bottom of the deposit.

Deposit viability criteria search for term

Threshold deposit parameters that make extraction technically and economically viable.

Deposition search for term

Geological process involving accumulation (e.g. sedimentation) of fine particles of rocks, minerals, plant and animal remains in a reservoir.

Depositional system search for term

Geological/sedimentary environment with characteristic lithofacies sets, e.g. lacustrine, fluvial or deep sea depositional system.

Derrick search for term

A device of lattice structure in the form of tower with crown, positioned perpendicularly over the borehole and fitted with catwalks, ladders, pulleys, etc., for lowering and retrieving pipes and tools during drilling operations.

Diagenesis search for term

A set of physical and chemical processes that lead to the conversion of loose sediments into a solid rock.

Disposable groundwater reserves search for term

The volume of water contained in a proven unit that is available for commercial use in a period of time, while ensuring compliance with environmental regulations.

Drill site search for term

The location of plant and facilities that are required by borehole drilling operations.

Drill stem search for term

A string of interconnected pipes and sinker bars. Drill stem is essential for drilling operations by exerting pressure on the drilling tool and delivering drilling fluid to the borehole bottom in order to remove broken rocks.

Drilling bit search for term

A tool for drilling in soils and rocks using various methods, e.g. breaking, cutting, abrasive action, crushing, to drill a borehole.

Drilling core search for term

A cylindrical rock section obtained by drilling through the rock strata with a core bit. The core provides an insight into the type of rocks, dip, etc.

Drilling rig search for term

An assembly of drilling equipment that is required for drilling boreholes using a specific drilling technology, composed of derrick or mast, a pulley system, drilling hoist, rotary table and mud pumps.

Drilling run search for term

Jobs that include drilling tool lowering, drilling and retrieving.

Drilling well search for term

A borehole in which all drilling operations (drilling, casing, cementing, stimulation jobs, reservoir tests) have been completed. Wells are drilled for scientific, exploration, appraisal or production purposes. Drilling wells may be vertical or horizontal.

Dry gas search for term

Non-associated natural gas almost exclusively composed of methane and ethane (>90%). In some cases may contain significant amounts of carbon dioxide, nitrogen and helium.