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East European Platform search for term

An ancient stable Precambrian crystalline kraton with its younger sedimentary cover, extant part of the ancient Baltica continent. Its west edge (a former shelf) runs diagonally (NW-SE) across Poland, from Koszalin to Tomaszów Lubelski. The zone of contact between the western edge of the Platform with younger Paleozoic (West European) Platform is a key tectonic structure in Europe called Trans European Suture Zone – TESZ (or Guterch Zone). A system of faults at its eastern boundary is called Teisseyre-Tornquist Zone.

Electric well drilling unit search for term

A device that drives a drilling bit attached thereto, used in rotary drilling. Electric motor supplied with electricity from the ground surface to transfer the torque to the drilling tool is the key element of the electric well drilling unit.

Source: Ludwik Szostak Wiertnictwo. Wydawnictwa Geologiczne. Warszawa, 1989.

Electrical resistivity log (RL) search for term

A wide range of various logs used for determining electrical resistivity of rocks to estimate, for example, crude oil content of prospective strata – the proportions of crude oil and brine water contained in particular rocks.

Electrochemically bound water search for term

Water present in minerals as OH- hydroxide groups.

Emulsions search for term

Liquids produced by mixing the water and liquid hydrocarbons (e.g. 1/3 of the water and 2/3 of the crude oil).

Energy mix search for term

Statement of primary energy share in the total production of electrical, heat and mechanical energy.

Energy raw materials search for term

Raw materials which if burned release heat energy that may be converted to electricity or mechanical energy, as required. Energy raw materials include: coal, lignite, peat, crude oil and natural gas.

Energy, primary search for term

Total energy contained in primary energy carriers that are derived directly from natural renewable and non-renewable resources. The carriers that derive directly from the nature include: boiler coal (including coal recycled from mine waste dumps), coking coal, lignite, crude oil (including gasoline), high-methane natural gas (including coal-mine methane gas), high-nitrogen natural gas, fuel peat, wood fuel, solid waste fuels of plant or animal origin, liquid and solid industrial wastes (other than petroleum products for reprocessing), municipal wastes and other raw materials used for energy purposes (methanol, ethanol, improvers), as well as water, wind and geothermal energy used for production of electricity or heat.

Source: GUS 2013

Energy, secondary search for term

The total of secondary energy carriers that are the products of energy conversion processes. According to Poland's energy balance, secondary energy carriers include: briquetted coal (including briquettes of coal recovered from mine waste dumps and smokeless fuel), briquetted lignite, coal coking products (coke, semi-coke, coking gas, tar, benzol, etc.), refinery crude oil processing products (petrol, jet fuels, diesel fuels, fuel oils, semi-finished products, i.e. base petrol and oils, as well as non-energy products such as paraffins, asphalts, etc.), gas fuels from manufacturing processes (blast furnace, generator, low-temperature oven gas), waste gas fuels, electricity and heat.

Source: GUS 2013

Entrepreneur search for term

The holder of a concession for conducting operations that are regulated by the law.

source: Geological and Mining Law

Erected structure of a mining plant search for term

A facility located out of underground workings which is considered an erected structure under Mining Law, and is intended specifically for performance of the following operations under the Law:

  • extraction of mineables from deposits, and in underground coal mining plants including preparation of extracted mineable for sale, if technologically associated with extraction,
  • underground tankless storage of substances,
  • underground waste storage,
  • underground storage of carbon dioxide.

source: Geological and Mining Law

Exploration search for term

Delivery of geological works with a view in locating and preliminary proving of mineables, aquifers or for underground storage of carbon dioxide.

source: Geological and Mining Law

Extractive industry search for term

Sector of the economy involving open pit, underground or drilling-based extraction of mineables from deposits or processing thereof.

Extractive waste management facility search for term

A facility intended for storage of extractive wastes in the form of solid, liquid, solution or suspension, including waste dumps, tailing ponds, dams or other structures intended for flow restraining, restricting or for strengthening the facility; a mining working which is being filled with extractive wastes for land reclamation and process purposes is not considered as an extractive waste management facility.

source: Extractive Waste Act