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Facies search for term

A set of selected patterns that help tell apart specific sediments from other ones that had been deposited concurrently but in other conditions.

Final energy consumption search for term

Consumption of energy carriers for process, manufacturing and domestic purposes without conversion to other energy carriers. Input energy, energy conversion and energy loss by generators and distributors are excluded from final energy consumption. On the other hand, internal energy consumption of heat generators are included.

source: Central Statistical Office 2013

Flowback fluid search for term

A mixture of fracturing fluid and formation water that returns to the ground surface during and on completion of hydraulic fracturing job. Called also flowback water.

Fraction search for term

A set of grains of specific size (diameter). There are clay, silt, sand, gravel and boulder fractions (grain sizes: < 0.002 mm, 0.002-0.063 mm, 0.063- 2 mm, 2-63 mm, and 63-630 mm, respectively).

Fracturing fluid search for term

A fluid used in hydraulic fracturing operations, composed of water, proppant and chemical substances. Water and sand (proppant) account for 99.5% of fracturing fluid. The balance of 0.5% are chemical additives that are intended to improve the process of fracturing by decreasing friction, corrosion preventing and controlling bacterial growth.