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Maceral search for term

Basic non-crystalline fossil coal component formed by carbonization of plant material. Macerals of various carbonization degree display the same morphology, chemical and physical characteristics. In coals, maceral is the equivalent of mineral in rocks. Macerals fall broadly into vitrinite, liptinite and inertinite groups.

Maniford search for term

A branched pipeline section with injection, flow rate and pressure control devices.

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) search for term

Document that includes data on physical and chemical properties of a chemical substance or of a product, informing about potential risks that are associated with that substance. In most countries, producers and sellers of chemical substances are required by the law to prepare material safety data sheets.

Migration of hydrocarbons search for term

Process that links the source rocks with a trap for generated hydrocarbons (oil or gas) as a result of processes associated with the flow of water in the rock or by convection and diffusion.

Mine waste dump search for term

A facility intended for extractive waste storage on the ground surface.

Source: Extractive Waste Act

Mine working search for term

A space within a real estate or rock mass formed as a result of mining operations.

source: Geological and Mining Law

Mineable search for term

A rock, mineral, liquid or gas of economic importance, accumulated in amounts and conditions that enable profitable extraction. A mineable is produced from a deposit by mining processes. An extracted and processed mineable becomes a mineral raw material.

Mineable deposit search for term

Natural accumulation of minerals, rocks and other solid, gaseous or liquid substances that may be extracted for profit.

source: Geological and Mining Law

Mineral raw material search for term

A produced mineable including products of processing and treatment thereof and useful processing waste products. There are energy (coal, lignite, oil and gas), metallic (metal ores), chemical (sulfur, salts, phosphates), ceramic (clays, loams), construction (aggregate, masonry stones and road builing) and other mineral raw materials.

Mining area search for term

A space within which an entrepreneur is authorized to extract a mineable, underground tankless storage of substances, underground storage of wases, underground storage of carbon dioxide and to conduct mining operations under the concession.

source: Geological and Mining Law

Mining area search for term

A space under expected harmful impact from mining plant's mining operations.

source: Geological and Mining Law

Mining job search for term

Execution, maintenance, protection or abandonment of mining workings made in association with an activity that is regulated by the law.

source: Geological and Mining Law

Mining plant search for term

A technically and organisationally self-contained set of assets that are directly intended for performance of an activity regulated by the act on extraction of mineables from deposits, and in underground coal mining plants including preparation of extracted mineable for sale, if technologically associated with extraction, tankless underground storage of substances, underground storage of wastes or underground storage of carbon dioxide, including mine workings, erected structures, equipment and installations.

source: Geological and Mining Law

Mud (drilling fluid) search for term

A mixture of liquids (composed mainly of suspensions plus water or oil emulsion) used in drilling operations, which is injected to the borehole during drilling to remove cuttings from the borehole bottom and carry them to the ground surface, for drill stem cooling, lubricating and decreasing the weight of drilling stem in the borehole and to maintain wellbore stability. Drilling muds fall into three groups: water-based, oil-based muds and gaseous muds.

Mudlogging search for term

Analysis of cuttings that are retrieved with the mud during well drilling operations.