Hasła / Terms beginning with P

Phytoplankton search for term

Microscopic plant organisms (algae) that float in euphotic bodies of water.

Polymers search for term

Chemical substances characterized by a very high molecular weight. Polymers fall into natural and synthetic polymers. The former are a key constituent of all living organisms, while the latter include a number of plastics and chemical products (e.g. dyes). Only natural polymers are applied in a vast majority of fracturing fluids.

Potential resources search for term

Resources estimated on the basis of deposit patterns/location and preliminary investigations of regional geology.

Pressure buildup search for term

A rise in reservoir pressure following a period of reservoir fluid flow after shutting the well.

Primary mineable search for term

A mineable which is the key target of extraction operations. Its economic value or usability is much higher than other mineables that occur within the deposit or its immediate neighbourhood.

Process fluids search for term

Fluids used throughout drilling and fracturing operations (mud, fracturing fluid, flowback fluid).

Processing search for term

Mechanical, physical, biological, thermal and chemical processes, including combinations thereof, that are applied to mineables in order to prepare them for use, including changes in volume, classification, separation and leaching, as well as reprocessing of previously discarded wastes, excluding smelting, manufacturing thermal processes (other than lime burning) and metallurgical processes.

source: Extractive Waste Act

Processing wastes search for term

1. Extractive wastes in the form of liquid or sludge that remain after processing of a mineable using mechanical, physical, biological, thermal or chemical processes or a combination thereof.
2. Wastes from exploration, appraisal, production, processing and storage of mineables.

source: Extractive Waste Act

Produced mineable search for term

Total mineables that have been detached from the deposit.

source: Geological and Mining Law

Proppant search for term

Fine-grained ingredient of hydraulic fracturing fluid added to prevent rock fracture collapse on pressure drop in the fluid injected to the borehole. Its consistency is similar to that of fine-grained sand.

Proven commercial reserves search for term

Reserves of a deposit or of a part thereof of which natural characteristics meet specific requirements, recoverability criteria and enable extraction operations.

Proven non-commercial reserves search for term

Reserves of a deposit or of a part thereof of which extraction is nowadays commercially or technically non-viable but may be viable in the future

source: W. Mizerski, H. Sylwestrzak, Słownik geologiczny, Wydawnictwo Naukowe PWN, Warsaw 2002

Pump set search for term

A pump which is permanently coupled to its drive engine. The device is used in hydraulic fracturing jobs.