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Reaction retardants search for term

Reaction retardants are applied to enable a deeper penetration of a non-neutralized acidizing fluid into the reservoir by controlling the rate of acid reaction with the rock. Crude oil contained in the reservoir is a natural reaction retardant as it delays contact of acidizing fluid with the rock.

Source: Witold Górski Wykonywanie zabiegów intensyfikacji wydobycia ropy naftowej. Instytut Technologii Eksploatacji – Państwowy Instytut Badawczy. Radom, 2007

Reinstatement to previous condition search for term

Reinstating the pre-damage condition, in particular by ensuring that erected structures, facilities and installations are not deteriorated in terms of resistance, thermal proofing, tightness and technical/operational worthiness.

source: Geological and Mining Law

Renewable sources of energy (RSE ) search for term

Sources of energy which resources are replenished in a short time, for example hydro, wind, solar, geothermal energy and the biomass.

Reservoir rock search for term

A lithological interval of a petroleum formation of which natural properties: porosity, presence of fractures or caverns and sorptive properties enable accumulation of hydrocarbons.

Reservoir trap search for term

A location in petroleum formation of which structural or stratigraphic patterns form a barrier (trap) to hydrocarbons preventing their migration.

Rock mass search for term

A rock massive within which mining operations are conducted.