Hasła / Terms beginning with T

Taxon search for term

A group of (most frequently related) organisms that share a specific trait that makes them apart of other organisms. A unit used in natural sciences for classification, cataloging and describing organisms.

Technically recoverable resources search for term

Resources of a deposit or a part thereof of which natural characteristics meet specific requirements (recoverability criteria) that make extraction technically and economically viable

source: W. Mizerski, H. Sylwestrzak, Słownik geologiczny, Wydawnictwo Naukowe PWN, Warsaw 2002

Telemetry search for term

A method of transmitting data from LWD tools to the ground surface using mud pressure pulses.

Thermogenic natural gas search for term

Natural gas formed at very low depths at high pressures and temperatures.

Tight gas search for term

Gas trapped in isolated rock pores, e.g. in very low permeable sandstones or carbonate rocks.

Top of a layer search for term

Boundary of a layer which is the surface of contact with a layer of younger rocks. In normal bed position, it is its upper boundary. As a result of tectonic disturbances the positions of layers may be reversed so that the older layer may overly younger strata. In that case, the lower boundary of the layer is the top plane.

Total Organic Carbon (TOC) search for term

 Total content of carbon of organic origin, expressed as weight percentage.

Total resources in place search for term

Total reserves of mineables, without considering any loss on extraction and processing

source: W. Mizerski, H. Sylwestrzak, Słownik geologiczny, Wydawnictwo Naukowe PWN, Warsaw 2002

Triple Combo search for term

A set of logs that are commonly made in contemporary exploratory wells, namely: natural gamma log, resistivity log, neutron log and bulk density log.

Turbodrill search for term

A device that drives a drilling bit attached thereto, used in rotary drilling operations. Turbodrill uses the flow of mud injected to the borehole. Mud drives a hydraulic turbine which transfers torque to the drilling tool.

source: Ludwik Szostak Wiertnictwo. Wydawnictwa Geologiczne. Warsaw, 1989.