Site reclamation

Site reclamation

Operations that are required for restoring initial (i.e. pre-drilling) conditions of the environment should be performed on well abandonment.

Post-mining land reclamation is subject to the provisions of the Act on Farm- and Timberland Protection, dated 3 February 1995 (2004 Journal of Laws No. 121, Item 1266, as amended).

To this end, the entire site to be reclaimed is leveled so as to restore, as much as possible, the initial landforms.

The water system should be restored, if affected by project operations.

Moreover, top soil stored in embankments around the drill site is spread over the site. Agricultural operations (fertilization, ploughing, cultivating, harrowing and planting) are the final stage of reclamation.

Reclamation operations are performed at investor's costs and must comply with site reclamation program, as approved by District Head.

The intended use of certain physical infrastructure facilities, such as access road or water intake, is agreed upon with landowners and local administration authorities.

Should on well abandonment a damage to the environment (distorted water relations or gas release) occur, the well should reworked and abandoned again.

author: Anna Dobrzeniecka-Górka

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