BNK Petroleum released an update on shale gas exploration progress in Poland

BNK Petroleum released an update on the progress shale gas exploration in Poland. A geological model of the gas accumulation, based on data collected at Gapowo B-1H well drilling and stimulation operations, has been prepared and analyzed. Analytical works were performed by an external consulting company which is an international leader in that domain.

In May 2014, multi-stage hydraulic fracture stimulation was conducted in the Gapowo B-1A located in the Bytów Concession area (Pomerania). Production tests showed that well productivity ranging from 5.5 to 11.5 thousand cubic metres per day, was lower than expected. However, a top gas flow rate of 28 thousand cubic metres was reported.

Hydraulic fracture stimulation was performed in 20 sections of the horizontal leg, but only in 8 of them the proppant was successfully placed. Nevertheless, the company is considering the data as promising and will use them to plan for subsequent exploration efforts in the region.

At the same BNK Petroleum is looking for a partner to establish a joint venture company focusing on operations in Poland. According to BNK, positive modeling results, high gas prices prevailing in Europe and a substantial potential of the concessions held by this company will attract potential partners to the shale gas exploration project in Poland.

The Gapowo well is located at Klukowa Huta, Stężyca Commune, Pomeranian Province. Indiana Investments Sp. z o.o. (of BNK Petroleum Capital Group) is the operator of the Bytów Concession. A vertical well was drilled there in 2012, followed by 1800+ m long horizontal leg in 2014, the longest in Poland so far.



source: BNK Petroleum


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