An on-line camera at Wysin- 2H Well

A shale gas exploratory well – Wysin 2-H – is currently being drilled in Poland by United Oilfield Services for PGNiG SA. You can see the progress of operations through an on-site webcam.

Wysin-2H is the 18th shale gas exploratory well drilled by and its third horizontal well. Overall, it is the 71st exploratory well drilled in Poland.

Target depth of the well is 3955 m (the total length of the well, vertical and horizontal sections combined, is 5450 m). Drilling operations, planned to take 65 days, will be completed by the second half of August 2015.

This is the second well drilled in the Commune of Liniewo. The first Wysin-1 well was drilled to a depth of 4040 m in the sprong of 2013. Subsequently, Wysin 3-H well with a horizontal section will be drilled from the same pad. The decision on any further operations in the Pomeranian region will be contingent on drilling results.

Webcam with a view of Wysin 2-H well.






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