PGNiG and LOTOS Petrobaltic will jointly explore North East Poland for oil

Polish Oil and Gas Joint Stock Company (PGNiG SA) signed with LOTOS Petrobaltic an agreement on joint operations at the Górowo-Iławeckie Concession (North East Poland). The cooperation will include shooting of 2D seismic lines, in total 200.4 linear km long, and reprocessing of preexisting data. Survey results, to be available in mid 2015, will serve as the basis for the decision on whether to proceed with the next stages of operations at the Górowo Iławeckie Concession.

Potential oil accumulations in Cambrian formations, similar to those discovered in the Kaliningrad Region and Lithuania, are the target of exploration.

Joint expertise of PGNiG są, the operator of 77 exploration concessions across Poland, and of LOTOS Petrobaltic, the producer of oil from Cambrian formations in the Baltic,   promises great hopes for discovering commercial oil reservoirs in the north of Poland.

Górowo Iławeckie Concession is held by PGNiG SA. Joint operations at the concession are Continued joint operations are delivered under joint exploration agreement of 5 April 2013.


source: PGNiG SA i Lotos SA

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