PGNiG spud-in its next shale gas well (Wysin 2H) in Pomerania

Polish Oil and Gas Joint Stock Company (PGNiG) started shale gas exploration at Wysin-2H well, Stara Kiszewa Concession, Liniewo Commune in Pomerania.

Wysin-2H is the eighteenth shale gas exploration well drilled by GK PGNiG and its third horizontal well, which marks the beginning of horizontal drilling stage at shale wells drilled by the Company in Pomerania. The Wysin well is drilled by UOS (United Oilfield Services) to the target depth of 3955 meters (its total length, including vertical and horizontal sections, will be 5450 m). It will take approx. 65 days to drill the well.

This is the second well in the Liniewo Commune. The first one (Wysin-1), drilled from March to May 2013, reached the depth of 4040 meters.

Awareness meetings with Liniewo Commune residents were held prior to the commencement of exploration in the field.

So far, the Company has drilled 17 shale gas exploration wells and three more horizontal fracture-stimulated wells are planned for 2015: Wysin-2H, Wysin-3H and Lubocino 4H. This year, PGNiG's capital expenditures on exploration are estimated at PLN 1.4 billion.

The decision on whether to drill subsequent wells in Pomerania will be contingent on drilling results.


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